Another great Ride Fit Indoor Cycle Training Video
Another great Ride Fit Indoor Cycle Training Video

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 Category: Intermediate Indoor Cycling Workout

Duration of Workout: 23 minutes

Total Run Time: 31 minutes

Intensity Level: 7/10


This Intermediate workout focuses on high cadence, low resistance drills and is ideal for developing a high cadence riding technique that has been shown to lower fatigue and therefore improve overall performance, whether on the road or in the gym. Set to great interval training music from BodyRocker Fitness this workout is approximately 31 minutes in duration.

If using a heart rate monitor aim to stay mainly in Zone 3, extending into Zone 4 on the highest cadence/resistance combinations. To make this a more challenging ride utilize the upper end of the cadence range bands or change your resistance mapping. See the Ride FitTraining Guide relating to the concept of resistance mapping. The video features "rolling-road" footage for the main ride segments, uses text-based workout instructions and an overlaid digital dashboard shows resistance, target cadence, perceived effort level, has a segment timer and a countdown timer.