Alpine Challenge, another great Ride Fit Indoor Cycle Training Video
Alpine Challenge, another great Ride Fit Indoor Cycle Training Video

Alpine Challenge

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Category: Advanced Indoor Cycling Workout

Duration of Workout: 63 minutes

Total Run Time: 69 minutes

Intensity Level: 8/10

Description: You're in for a workout; our route covers 17.9 miles in the beautiful countryside just south of Alpine, which is east of San Diego, in Southern California. The ride encompasses elevation changes of twenty-two hundred feet, and our target is to burn around 850 calories. This is an "Advanced" ride so pace yourself appropriately.

The ride breaks nicely into three stages. Stage 1 takes us south from your start location, on a mainly downhill path through Harbison Canyon. You'll drop nearly 800ft in 6 miles, so enjoy the view. Beyond this, the ride gets really challenging. Stage 2 includes a Category 3 climb that ascends nearly eight hundred feet in 3.2 miles before reaching a short downhill section near Loveland Reservoir that will allow you to recover before the final big push. Stage 3 is a 5-mile Category 2 climb during which you ascend a painful eleven hundred feet to your finishing point. It goes without saying, it's critical to pace yourself over both climbs.

If you're using a heart rate monitor aim to stay mainly in Zone 3, extending into Zone 4 on the hill climbs. The video has text-based workout instructions and the overlaid digital dashboard shows resistance, target cadence, perceived effort level and has an elevation profile showing you where you are and what's coming next.