Learn More About Ride Fit™

Bored working out on your stationary exercise bike or turbo trainer?
Too busy to get to your local indoor cycling class? Lacking motivation?
Bad weather forcing you inside? Prefer to workout at home?
Nothing to look at except the walls?

Making exercise enjoyable, entertaining and goal orientated is essential to keep people coming back for more. Ride Fit™, an exciting series of virtual indoor cycle and now elliptical training videos, provides just such an environment for two of the best types of cardio workouts available - indoor cycling and elliptical exercise. To provide the most realistic virtual workout experience possible, Ride Fit™ videos are shot from the first person perspective using bike-mounted video cameras. Users will experience, as closely as can be achieved in an indoor environment, actually being there on the road.

Ride Fit™ was launched in 2011 and now has a customer base that spans over sixty countries. From Canada to Brazil, and Australia to the United Kingdom, users rely on us to help them to get the most out of their indoor cycling sessions.

Our mission at Ride Fit™ is simple, "we want to enhance the enjoyment of your indoor exercise time through quality fitness products addressing a variety of needs. We've started out by offering virtual cycling videos and DVDs. Now we've created the World's first virtual live-action elliptical training video. Look out for more exciting products in the future."

What the Coaches Have To Say About Ride Fit™

Tilda Lofton (triathlete and personal coach), "The structure is very well thought out and they are easy to follow. The combination of resistance setting, RPM, effort, and the text-based guidance makes it easy to get a really good workout."

Gretchen M. Ashton, CFT, NBFE (AAU world champion hall-of-fame strength athlete), "The text-based instructions and coaching in all of the Ride Fit videos is particularly helpful and integrates without distraction. Cycling indoors is much different than riding on the road. As a training tool, Ride Fit videos also help prepare an individual for the elements of traffic, terrain, and team riding before transitioning to outdoor cycling."

Jamie Sarbacker (Indoor cycling instructor), "The Ride Fit video series delivers challenging workouts that are great for beginners or experienced cyclists looking to push it to the next level."

What Our Customers Say About Ride Fit™

Below are unsolicited comments from Ride Fit™ customers. Their workout interests range from keeping fit at home or in the gym, to undertaking training for long distance cycling, endurance and triathlon events. "We're very pleased to be helping them and very proud of their feedback on our product."